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Breaking News: All Star Reserves, The Knicks' X-Factor, and Future All-Stars

Posted on January 29, 2010 at 8:06 PM

Yesterday, the All-Star Game backups were announced. The guards for the Eastern Conference are Rajon Rondo, an improved player, Joe Johnson, a dynamic scorer, and Derrick Rose, a quick, young leader of the Bulls.


The guards were all good choices, however, I have a problem with Paul Pierce, a forward selection for the east. I like giving the selections to up-and-coming players, and Paul Pierce is a veteran whose numbers are slightly down from last season. Josh Smith, who would have been my pick, is a much better rebounder than Paul and has more than double the defensive stats. The other forwards for the east are good selections: Chris Bosh and Gerald Wallace.


The center pick for the east, no offense to Al Horford, is a disgrace. David Lee is having a monster season. He is averaging six more points per game than Horford, three more rebounds, and is leading all big men in assists. The Knicks completely rely on Dave to get them wins while Horford is just the fourth option on his team. I think Lee is the second best center in the league but apparenly the coaches don't even think he's the second best in his conference.


The Western Conference guards, Deron Williams, Chris Paul, and Brandon Roy are all great, young talents. The forwards are Dirk Nowitzki, who should have started, Kevin Durant, the smooth scorer who also could have started, and Zach Randolph who is holding the Grizzlies together this season. The center was a worthy Pau Gasol.


I'm going to predict who will make the most All-Star appearances in this new decade.




Chris Paul - 9 appearances - He is so smart on the court and the fans like him and will vote him in.

Tyreke Evans - 7 appearances - He is very quick and is a Dwayne Wade-type of player.

Derrick Rose - 9 appearances - He is a super athlete with a nice handle.

Dwayne Wade - 8 appearances - He is still getting better and may get farther in the playoffs if another team signs him this summer.





Kevin Durant - 10 appearances - I think he'll eventually average 35 points per game.

Carmelo Anthony - 7 appearances - He scores very easily and is almost impossible to guard.

Lebron James - 8 appearances - The King will continue his rule for another decade.

Chris Bosh - 7 appearances - Bosh is becoming the kind of player on which a team can rely to carry them.




David Lee - 7 appearances - Every off-season he picks something to work on (his handle, free throw, jump shot). Next may be a three-point shot and he would be RIDICULOUS!

Unknown - Most of the centers in the west are veterans. A young center like Andrew Bynum may emerge but that's unlikely.


Enjoy this year's All-Star game and check back after the game for my analysis.


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