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Top 10 Players with the Best Highlights

Posted on August 11, 2010 at 10:33 AM

When Lebron James made his decision, July 8 on ESPN, millions of Americans tuned in to find out where he’d go. The reason every basketball fan in the country needed to find out where Lebron was going, is because Lebron produces some of the most amazing highlights of any basketball player ever. That got me thinking… is there anyone better at making highlight-reel plays than Lebron James? You’ll find out my opinion in this top ten.



10. Shawn Kemp and Shaquille O’Neal: These two have thrown down some of the most thunderous, backboard-shaking dunks in history. Click here to see my favorite Shawn Kemp dunk. Click here to see my favorite Shaq dunk.


9. Clyde Drexler: Clyde the Glide could hang in the air for so long on his dunks, you'd think he was a bird. Click here to see my favorite Drexler dunk.


8. Dwyane Wade: Dwayne Wade is quick and has crazy leaping abilities which makes him one of the flashiest players in the game. Click here to see my favorite Wade play.


7. Magic Johnson and Isiah Thomas: Magic and Isiah would throw passes between-the-legs, behind-the-back, and other ways you couldn't imagine. Click here to see my favorite pass by Thomas. Click here to see my favorite Magic pass.


6. Allen Iverson: Iverson can make amazing plays from passes to crossovers to dunks. Click here to see my favorite Iverson play.


5. Kobe Bryant: Kobe can fake defenders out of their shoes and the finish strong at the rim. Click here to see my favorite Kobe play.


4. Lebron James: Lebron James can jump out of the gym, which is higher than his defenders can jump. Click here for my favorite Lebron dunk.


3. Dominique Wilkins: 'Nique was the first player to really perform trick dunks in games. Click here to see my favorite Dominique dunk. Click here to see another great move by WIlkins.


2. Michael Jordan: Likely the greatest basketball player to ever live on Earth, MJ had his fair share of high-flying acts. Click here to see my favorite Jordan dunk. Click here to see another great move by Michael. 


1. Vince Carter: Vince Carter could do more tricks in mid-air than anyone to ever play the game. When I made a video of the top 30 sports plays of all time (which I'll post on this website in one month), Vince Carter had four plays on the list. Click here to see a great Carter dunk. Click here to see Carter do the best dunk ever.



Disagree with my choices? Please comment below.

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Reply Mr. Wilson
9:09 AM on September 22, 2010 
how do you not include Dr. J? his afro made every highlight 23% better. plus he was the first doctor to support dr. pepper.