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Dear David Stern: Free Agency

Posted on June 27, 2010 at 9:42 PM

Dear David Stern,


Thank you so much for the thrilling NBA finals your league provided. However, I, as well as many basketball fanatics, were focusing a little more on Lebron James's future (since he is a free-agent) than the Finals. Every single move Lebron makes is being watched by people who think they "know" where he's going to go. He wears a Yankees hat; oh, he's going to New York. He changes his number from 23 to 6; oh, he's probably going to the Bulls so that he could honor former Bull, Michael Jordan, by not wearing Jordan's number, 23. But you aren't required to fill out paperwork for a number change unless you're staying with the same team; oh, he's staying in Cleveland. He's meeting with Dwayne Wade at a hotel; oh, he's going to play with Wade in Miami. He says in his MVP speech, "where-ever my life takes me;" oh, he's going to another, more interesting city. Nobody actually has any clue where Lebron is going, but since that is what everyone is concerned with, fans love to speculate.


Recently, you fined Dallas Mavericks owner, Mark Cuban, and Phoenix Suns ex-owner, Steve Kerr, for making public comments about this summer's free-agency and Lebron James. Why? This type of chatter is good for the publicity of your league. What people want to talk about is Lebron James, and who can blame them? This year's NBA finals only effects the Lakers and Celtics this year. Lebron James's decision on July 1st, when free-agents are allowed to sign with teams, influences the entire NBA for the next decade. Let people talk about what everyone (including you) cares about, Lebron James.



I just hope that Lebron James comes to the Knicks, but that is only one possibility. He has many options, each with an advantage.


Cleveland Cavaliers - He gets to go back to his loyal fans and win them a championship, which he promised to do.

New York Knicks - He gets to go to a big market where he can make a lot of endorsement money, and hopefully the Knicks can sign another super-star to help him out.

New Jersey Nets - He gets to play under a rich owner, Mikhail Prokhorov, and an accomplished coach, Avery Johnson.

Chicago Bulls - He can play alongside a solid point guard, Derrick Rose.

Miami Heat - He has the chance to play with Dwayne Wade, which would probably be the best 1-2-punch in NBA history.

Los Angeles Clippers - Why does anyone think Lebron would go there?



So, who do you think Lerbon James will sign with?



Lev Akabas

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1 Comment

Reply Chris
1:11 PM on July 15, 2010 
Miami Heat is where he is now im not sad about but since im a fan of his cross-overs i am proud to say im ready to feel the heat! He'll be with wade anyways so that definitly is the eastern conference game. i just hope he won't slow them down. I cant wait till he has an away game against the knicks and the clippers and the cavs and the nets (not reallY) so then they can boo him while he completes another dunk on a well accomplished center maybe Shaq Attack or Amazing Amare.