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What Could Be the Most Entertaining Sporting Event of the Year... If We Had It

Posted on April 4, 2012 at 7:50 PM

“Who is the best one-on-one player in the world?” is a question asked by every NBA fan. However, there is no way of answering that question… yet. Back in 1973, the NBA held a 1-on-1 tournament (which Bob Lanier won by defeating Jo Jo White in the finals). There is no reason for the NBA not to bring back this competition and make it an annual event.

Hold the first three rounds in the four-hour marathon on the afternoon of All Star Saturday, after which we’d be left with the final four. Then hold the semi-finals and finals during halftime of the All Star Game. It would likely be one of the most watched sporting events of the year, and the players would appreciate a chance to prove themselves over their rivals. People could fill out brackets, cheer on their favorite players, and get to see the best players on the planet going head to head.

Here are the rules:

1) Game is 21 points. A player must win by at least four points.

2) All shots from the field are worth two points, but three-pointers are worth three points.

3) If a player scores on offense, the defender gets the next possession (as opposed to “make-it-take-it”)

4) All shots that hit the rim or the backboard must be taken back behind the three-point line.

5) There is a 20 second shot clock.

6) There is a referee who calls fouls. An offensive foul results in a change of possession. A defensive foul simply results in a “re-check” and a reset of the shot clock. However, when a player has committed five fouls, all defensive fouls that he commits results in two free-throws for the opponent. If a player is fouled while shooting, and makes the shot, he gets one additional free-throw for a chance at a three-point-play.

7) All NBA rules will be called, including offensive three seconds in the paint.


To determine seeding, I ranked the top 32 1-on-1 players in the league and assigned the top four players #1 seeds, the next four best players #2 seeds, etc. Then, I arranged them into four brackets of eight players each so that each bracket has one player of each seed number. Here are the brackets, as well as the first round matchups that I came up with:

1 Lebron James vs. 8 Tyreke Evans

2 Carmelo Anthony vs. 7 Kevin Martin

3 Deron Williams vs. 6 JR Smith

4 Dirk Nowitzki vs. 5 Danny Granger

1 Kevin Durant vs. 8 Tim Duncan

2 Paul Pierce vs. 7 Manu Ginobili

3 Amare Stoudemire vs. 6 Dwight Howard

4 Monta Ellis vs. 5 Eric Gordon

1 Kobe Bryant vs. 8 Andre Iguodala

2 Joe Johnson vs. 7 Brandon Jennings

3 Russell Westbrook vs. 6 Stephen Curry

4 Rudy Gay vs. 5 Kyrie Irving

1 Dwyane Wade vs. 8 Tony Parker

2 Derrick Rose vs. 7 Ty Lawson

3 Lamarcus Aldridge vs. 6 Zach Randolph

4 Chris Bosh vs. 5 Kevin Love



Who would win? Who would pull off upsets? Let me know what you think by commenting on the article!


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